SB 6130 - DIGEST

Declares that the legislature has developed a plan and intends to take the following actions: (1) Clarifying the definition and state funding required for the instructional program of basic education;

(2) Creating greater clarity, transparency, and accountability procedures for monitoring the expenditures of state, federal, and local revenues, including basic and nonbasic education expenditures;

(3) Phasing in a streamlined and less complicated salary allocation model for certificated instructional staff;

(4) Reducing reliance on local levies for basic education by assuming full responsibility for providing state basic education salary allocations that are sufficient to attract and retain professional certificated instructional staff, statewide and locally;

(5) Providing additional specificity on how local levy funds may be expended for enhancements;

(6) Improving transparency and equity among school districts; and

(7) Creating the education funding council to review the changes made under this act before the changes are implemented and continuing through full implementation.