SB 6529 - DIGEST

Revises the juvenile justice act of 1977 to provide for the rehabilitation and reintegration of juvenile offenders.

Authorizes the juvenile court, if a juvenile offender is charged with animal cruelty in the first degree, to deny granting a deferred disposition to the juvenile, even if the juvenile otherwise may qualify for a deferred disposition.

Addresses fines, community service, and electronic monitoring for juveniles adjudicated of taking a motor vehicle without permission in the first or second degree or theft of a motor vehicle.

Authorizes a police officer, under certain circumstances, to arrest a person who: (1) Is sixteen or seventeen years old; and

(2) Within the preceding four hours has assaulted a family or household member.

Changes a court's notification requirements to the department of licensing with regard to a juvenile's first offense while armed with a firearm, or first offense in violation of certain firearm, alcohol, or drug laws.