1232-S AMH SHMK BLAC 032


SHB 1232 - H AMD 77

By Representative Schmick

NOT ADOPTED 02/28/2017

    On page 3, beginning on line 10, after "accountant" strike all material through "actuary" on line 12


    On page 4, line 26, after "The" strike "receipt" and insert "availability"


    On page 4, beginning on line 27, after "18.390.060" strike all material through "18.390.030" on line 28




    EFFECT:   Removes the requirement that a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) include a summary of the most recent annual actuarial analysis in its disclosure statement.


Gives residents of a CCRC the expectation to have a disclosure statement made available, rather than received. Removes the resident expectation to receive agreements filed with the Department of Social and Health Services.



--- END ---