1827-S4 AMH DOGL PRIN 568


4SHB 1827 - H AMD 878

By Representative Doglio

ADOPTED 02/09/2018

    On page 51, beginning on line 28, strike all material through "compensation" on line 34 and insert: "((exclusively as either a substitute teacher as defined in RCW 41.32.010(48)(a) in an instructional capacity, as opposed to other capacities identified in RCW 41.32.010(49); and (3) the employing school district compensates the district's substitute teachers at a rate that is at least eighty-five percent of the full daily amount allocated by the state to the district for substitute teacher compensation))in a nonadministrative capacity"



     On page 51, after line 34, insert the following:

     "NEW SECTION.  Sec. 305.  A new section is added to chapter 41.35 RCW to read as follows:

In addition to the postretirement employment options available in RCW 41.35.060, a retiree in the school employees retirement system plan 2 or plan 3 who has retired under the alternate early retirement provisions of RCW 41.35.420(3)(b) or 41.35.680(3)(b) may be employed with an employer for up to eight hundred sixty-seven hours per calendar year without suspension of his or her benefit, provided that: (1) The retiree reenters employment more than one calendar month after his or her accrual date; and (2) the retiree is employed in a nonadministrative position.

NEW SECTION.  Sec. 306.  2016 c 233 s 19 (uncodified) is repealed."


     Renumber the remaining sections consecutively, and correct any references accordingly.


     Correct the title.




    EFFECT:   Eliminates the restriction that retired members of the Teachers' Retirement Systems Plan 2 and 3 eligible for enhanced postretirement employment be eligible only if employed in an instructional capacity, and only if the school district compensates substitute teachers at a rate of at least 85 percent of the state allocation, and replaces it with a restriction that requires only that the retired teacher be reemployed in a nonadministrative position.  A similar postretirement employment enhancement is created for retired classified school employees in the School Employees' Retirement System.



A section expiring these retired teacher provisions July 1, 2021 is repealed.




--- END ---