2338-S2 AMH DEBO LIPS 477


2SHB 2338 - H AMD 1031

By Representative DeBolt


    On page 2, at the beginning of line 16, strike "this act" and insert "RCW 19.112.110 and RCW 19.112.120"


    On page 2, beginning on line 38, after "establish" strike all material through "appropriation" on page 19, line 2 and insert "a clean fuels program to implement the requirements of RCW 19.112.110 and RCW 19.112.120"


    Renumber the remaining section consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly. Correct the title.



    EFFECT:  Changes the scope of the Clean Fuels Program that the Department of Ecology is directed to adopt, such that rather than reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels, the program instead implements the existing state minimum percentage standards for biodiesel and ethanol.


--- END ---