2338-S2 AMH GRAV H4766.1
2SHB 2338 - H AMD 934
By Representative Graves
On page 5, line 20, after "(k)" insert "Mechanisms allowing a person associated with the operation of the following types of vehicles to earn credits under the program, whereby each gallon of diesel or gasoline consumed by a vehicle is attributed zero lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions:
(i) A vehicle used to provide private employer transportation services, as that term is defined in RCW 47.04.290;
(ii) A vehicle used to provide a prearranged ride organized by a commercial transportation services provider, as defined in RCW 48.177.005;
(iii) Vehicles operated by taxicab companies regulated under chapter 81.72 RCW; and
(iv) Vehicles used by private, nonprofit transportation providers as defined in RCW 81.66.010;
EFFECT: Requires the Department of Ecology's clean fuels program rules to provide a mechanism allowing credits to be earned, by attributing zero lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions to each gallon of gasoline or diesel used, by persons associated with the following types of vehicles: Employer shuttles, taxicabs, vehicles used in conjunction with prearranged ride software applications, and vehicles used to transport persons with special needs.
--- END ---