2338-S2 AMH MAYC LIPS 474


2SHB 2338 - H AMD 1013

By Representative Maycumber


    On page 3, line 30, after "must" strike "neutrally"


    On page 3, line 32, after "originated" strike all material through "fuel." on line 36 and insert ". The life-cycle emissions must include estimates of transportation emissions of feedstock, ingredients, or products that travel from one continent to another."




    EFFECT: Requires the Department of Ecology's estimates of life-cycle emissions to include estimates of emissions from the intercontinental transportation of fuels and their constituents. Strikes the statement that the Clean Fuels Program rules may not discriminate on the basis of a fuel having originated in another state or jurisdiction. Requires the Department of Ecology's rule to consider the political jurisdiction in which a fuel originated when determining the life-cycle emissions associated with the fuel.


--- END ---