2338-S2 AMH MAYC LIPS 475


2SHB 2338 - H AMD 1015

By Representative Maycumber


    On page 5, beginning on line 31, after "(3)" strike all of material through "section" on line 37 and insert "Under the rules adopted to implement the program, the department may not regulate the carbon intensity of a unit of transportation fuel that is also subject to the requirements of WAC 173-442 WAC, as that chapter existed as of the effective date of this act"    




    EFFECT:   Prohibits the Department of Ecology's Clean Fuels Program rules from regulating any units of transportation fuel that are also subject to the emission reduction requirements of the Department of Ecology's Clean Air Rule (which requires the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or the acquisition of equivalent emission reduction units by certain stationary sources and fuel suppliers). Eliminates the direction to the Department of Ecology to consider whether actions taken or emission reduction units generated under the Clean Air Rule are eligible for purposes of compliance with the Clean Fuels Program, and whether compliance actions under the Clean Fuels Program are similarly eligible for credit under the Clean Air Rule.  



--- END ---