2995-S AMH STEE HUGH 230


SHB 2995 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-5172.1/18) 1427

By Representative Steele


    On page 3, after line 16 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

    "(20) "Spot market purchase" means the purchase of energy or capacity for a term not exceeding one month in duration.

    (21) "Temporary flexibility mechanism" means the acquisition, through ownership or under contract, not including a spot market purchase,  of fossil-fueled electric generation in an amount and for a period of time that is demonstrated by an electric utility to be necessary, sufficient, and cost-effective to ensure reliable delivery of electric service."


    On page 7, line 12 of the striking amendment, after "resources" strike "prior to December 31, 2045"



    EFFECT:   Adds definitions for "spot market purchase" and "temporary flexibility mechanism." Makes the exemption from penalties for the use of certain resources by an electric utility or market customer indefinite, rather than specifying that the exemption only applies to resources used prior to December 31, 2045.


--- END ---