5096.E AMH CALD MUNN 662


ESB 5096 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2628.2/17) 489

By Representative Caldier

ADOPTED 04/12/2017

    On page 18, after line 23 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

    "(6)(a) The department shall conduct a study regarding the potential for conversion of at least two of the toll booths for the Tacoma Narrows bridge to unstaffed toll booths that exclusively accept credit cards for toll payment.  The study shall, at a minimum, consider the following:

    (i) Operational savings associated with conversion;

    (ii) Capital costs of conversion;

    (iii) Additional operating costs associated conversion; and

    (iv) Any other operational issues associated with conversion.

    (b) The department shall provide a report of its findings to the transportation committees of the legislature by November 15, 2017."




    EFFECT: Requires the WSDOT to conduct a study regarding the savings, costs, and any operational issues of converting at least two Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll booths to unstaffed toll booths accepting only credit cards and provide a report on its findings to the transportation committees of the Legislature by November 15, 2017.   


    FISCAL IMPACT: No net change to appropriated levels.



--- END ---