5096.E AMH SHEA INGI 053


ESB 5096 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2628.2/17) 519

By Representative Shea

ADOPTED 04/12/2017

     On page 48, line 33 of the striking amendment, increase the Motor Vehicle Account--State Appropriation by $1,500,000


    On page 49, line 1 of the striking amendment, correct the total.


    On page 50, after line 19 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

    "(8) It is the intent of the legislature that $1,500,000 of the motor vehicle account--state appropriation be provided solely for the Spokane Valley Barker/Trent grade separation project and that this project be added to the list identified in subsection (1) of this section."




    EFFECT: Provides $1,500,000 for the Barker/Trent grade separation project in Spokane Valley.



           Increases Motor Vehicle Acct - State by $1,500,000.



--- END ---