5173-S.E AMH WYLI ELGE 142


ESSB 5173 - H AMD TO SEIT COMM AMD (H2491.1/17) 431

By Representative Wylie

ADOPTED 04/05/2017

    On page 3, after line 10 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

    "(6) The director shall submit an annual report to the legislature identifying the reviews conducted in the past year, providing appropriate metrics on effectiveness and efficiency of the loss prevention review team and programs, and summarizing any determinations of trends in incidents such as reductions or increases in the frequency or magnitude of losses and innovative approaches to mitigating risks identified."




    EFFECT:  Restores annual reporting requirement in ESSB 5173 as it passed the Senate.  Requires the Director of the Department of Enterprise Services to submit an annual report to the Legislature with metrics on the effectiveness and efficiency of loss prevention reviews, and a summary of any trends and innovative approaches to mitigating risks.







--- END ---