5272-S AMH HOLY LEON 159


SSB 5272 - H AMD 437

By Representative Holy

NOT ADOPTED 04/05/2017

     On page 3, beginning on line 30, after "(a)" strike all material through "(b)" on line 33, and insert "Less than four years have passed since the offender was convicted of a prostitution offense;

    (b) There are any criminal charges against the applicant pending in any court of this state or another state, or in any federal court ((, for any crime other than prostitution)); or

    (((b))) (c)"


    On page 3, line 35, after "subsection" strike "(3)(b)" and insert "(3)(c)"





    EFFECT:   Creates a four-year waiting period from the date of the last prostitution conviction before a victim of trafficking or other offense may vacate a prostitution offense from his or her record. Specifies that a victim of a trafficking or other offense may not vacate a prostitution offense if he or she has prostitution charges pending in any court.



--- END ---