6106-S.E AMH HARG MATM 501


ESSB 6106 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-5049.1/18) 1208

By Representative Hargrove

ADOPTED 02/27/2018

    On page 70, line 35 of the amendment, increase the Motor Vehicle Account--State Appropriation by $300,000


    On page 71, line 7 of the amendment, correct the total.


    On page 71, line 14 of the amendment, after "(Z);" insert "$300,000 for preliminary design work in King county on the segment of Covington way SE that is bounded on the north by the intersection with SE Wax road and on the south by a point that is approximately one hundred feet south of the intersection with 164th place SE, with the end goal of improving both mobility and safety along the segment;"




    EFFECT:   Adds $300,000 for preliminary design work on Covington Way SE in King County between SE Wax Road and just south of 164th Place SE to the project list for the purpose of improving mobility and safety.



           Increases Motor Vehicle Acct - State by $300,000.



--- END ---