1506-S2 AMS BAUM S6049.1
2SHB 1506 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-5814.3/18) 838
By Senator Baumgartner
NOT ADOPTED 03/01/2018
On page 3, after line 12 of the amendment, insert the following:
"(4) A city, code city, town, county, or political subdivision may not enact a charter, ordinance, regulation, rule, or resolution:
(a) Creating a gender pay equity program or that alters or amends the provisions or requirements of this chapter or related equal pay, discrimination in compensation, career advancement opportunities, nondisclosure of wages or compensation, and other matters covered within this chapter for any private employer;
(b) Providing for local enforcement of the provisions of this chapter; or
(c) Requiring private employers to supplement the requirements or benefits provided under this chapter or to take additional actions or refrain from actions beyond the requirements of this chapter."
On page 7, at the beginning of line 8 of the amendment, strike all material through "chapter." on line 15
EFFECT: Prohibits local governments from enacting ordinances or regulations altering or amending the provisions of this chapter for private employers, providing for local enforcement, or requiring private employers supplement the requirements or benefits or to take or refrain from actions beyond the requirements of the chapter.
--- END ---