5096 AMS KEIS S2600.1
SB 5096 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-2543.4/17) 219
By Senator Keiser
WITHDRAWN 04/06/2017
On page 34, line 28 of the amendment, after "(20)" insert "(a)"
On page 34, after line 37 of the amendment, insert the following:
"(b) The secretary of transportation must develop a memorandum of understanding with local project stakeholders that identifies a schedule for stakeholders to provide local matching funds for the Puget Sound Gateway project. Criteria for eligibility of local match includes matching funds and equivalent in-kind contributions including, but not limited to, land donations. Negotiations must also include consideration of lost local property tax value from land no longer needed but held over time by the department for extensions of these roadways as counting toward local matching funds. The memorandum of understanding must be finalized by January 1, 2018. The department must submit a copy of the memorandum of understanding to the transportation committees of the legislature and report regularly on the status of local match funding."
EFFECT: Requires the department to develop an MOU for the Gateway project with local contributors. Outlines that the department should include a land donation as a local match, and should consider if local property tax lost from department-owned land over time should count toward a local match.
--- END ---