6106-S AMS LIIA S5612.2
SSB 6106 - S AMD 706
By Senator Liias
ADOPTED 02/23/2018
On page 39, line 30, strike "$754,000" and insert "(($754,000)) $784,000"
On page 40, line 5, strike "$236,204,000" and insert "$236,234,000"
On page 42, line 24, after "and" strike "$754,000" and insert "(($754,000)) $784,000"
On page 42, line 37, after "program;" strike "and"
On page 43, line 15, after "program" insert "; and
(c) $30,000 of the state vehicle parking account—state appropriation is provided solely for the STAR pass program for state employees residing in Mason and Grays Harbor Counties. Use of the pass is for public transportation between Mason County and Thurston County, and Grays Harbor and Thurston County. The pass may also be used within Grays Harbor County"
EFFECT: Increases funding from the state vehicle parking account by $30,000 to fund an expansion of the STAR pass program for Mason and Grays Harbor state employees.
--- END ---