6106-S AMS PALU S5664.1
SSB 6106 - S AMD 717
By Senator Palumbo
WITHDRAWN 02/23/2018
On page 53, line 27, strike "$3,258,000" and insert "$6,258,000"
On page 53, line 29, strike "$2,487,176,000" and insert "$2,490,176,000"
On page 56, line 10, strike "is" and insert "((is)) and $3,000,000 of the Interstate 405 express toll lanes operations account—state appropriation are"
On page 56, line 11, strike "preliminary engineering for" and insert "((preliminary engineering for)) activities related to"
On page 56, line 12, after "Interstate 5" insert ", with the goals of increasing vehicle throughput and aligning project completion with the implementation of bus rapid transit in the vicinity of the project"
On page 56, line 12, after "5. The" insert "transportation partnership accountstate appropriation"
EFFECT: Adds $3 million of I-405 toll money to the I-405/SR 522 to I-5 project for coordination of the project with implementation of bus rapid transit.
--- END ---