6199-S AMS BAUM S4972.1
SSB 6199 - S AMD 465
By Senator Baumgartner
WITHDRAWN 02/08/2018
Beginning on page 46, line 32, after "that" strike all material through "Includes" on page 47, line 1 and insert "((:
(i) Includes a union security provision authorized in RCW 41.56.122, the state as payor, but not as the employer, shall, subject to (c) of this subsection, enforce the agreement by deducting from the payments to bargaining unit members the dues required for membership in the exclusive bargaining representative, or, for nonmembers thereof, a fee equivalent to the dues; or
(ii))) includes"
Correct any internal references accordingly.
On page 47, line 2, after "under" strike "(((a))) (b)(i)" and insert "(a)(((i)))"
On page 48, line 28, after "(1)(b)" strike "(i) or (ii)"
EFFECT: Removes the requirement that the exclusive bargaining representative fees or membership dues be deducted from state payments to bargaining unit members.
--- END ---