6199-S AMS BRAU MOOR 033


SSB 6199 - S AMD 490

By Senator Braun

WITHDRAWN 02/08/2018

    On page 42, beginning on line 38, insert:



    "The department shall contract with a consumer directed employer solely if the successful applicant enters into a contract with the department to provide services detailed in this act without exceeding existing department expenditures being transferred to the consumer directed employer."


On page 49, after line 7 insert:

 "NEW SECTION. Sec. 31.   The legislature recognizes the fiscal note to this act indicates increased administrative expenditures of forty percent resulting from the original legislation.  It is the intent of the legislature, following adoption of this amendment capping administrative expenses to existing levels, to instead invest an equivalent amount to that indicated in the original fiscal note to expand services for homeless children and families."



     Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.










    EFFECT:  Provides that a consumer directed employer procurement can move forward only if the successful applicant enters into a contract to not exceed existing department expenditures for the services being transferred in the contract.

              Provides that it is the intent of the legislature to take the savings from the administrative cap, compared to the original legislation, and invest that amount in expanding services for homeless children and families. 




--- END ---