HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2018-4689, by Representatives Chopp, Kristiansen, Appleton, Barkis, Bergquist, Blake, Buys, Caldier, Chandler, Chapman, Clibborn, Cody, Condotta, DeBolt, Dent, Doglio, Dolan, Dye, Eslick, Fey, Fitzgibbon, Frame, Goodman, Graves, Gregerson, Griffey, Haler, Hansen, Hargrove, Harmsworth, Harris, Hayes, Holy, Hudgins, Irwin, Jenkin, Jinkins, Johnson, Kagi, Kilduff, Kirby, Klippert, Kloba, Kraft, Kretz, Lovick, Lytton, MacEwen, Macri, Manweller, Maycumber, McBride, McCabe, McCaslin, McDonald, Morris, Muri, Orcutt, Ormsby, Ortiz-Self, Orwall, Pellicciotti, Peterson, Pettigrew, Pike, Pollet, Reeves, Riccelli, Robinson, Rodne, Ryu, Santos, Sawyer, Schmick, Sells, Senn, Shea, Slatter, Smith, Springer, Stambaugh, Stanford, Steele, Stokesbary, Stonier, Sullivan, Tarleton, Taylor, Tharinger, Valdez, Van Werven, Vick, Volz, Walsh, Wilcox, Wylie, and Young
WHEREAS, It is the policy of the Washington State House of Representatives to recognize the achievements and dedication of elected officials representing Washington state; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey, the son of the late Representative Darwin Nealey who served the 9th Legislative District, learned the importance of public service from a young age; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey is a graduate of Washington State University and Gonzaga Law School and served his country in the United States Army; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey served as Columbia County prosecuting attorney and coroner; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey saw the need for change in state government, especially with a growing operating budget he felt needed better management, so he decided to run for the Legislature; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey was elected to the House of Representatives in 2009 for the 16th Legislative District and has served with distinction and honor for eight-plus years; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey was appointed in 2012 as ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee and in 2013 as a member of the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, and has been a watchdog for Washington taxpayers; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey has a strong history of community involvement, including the creation of the Columbia County Economic Development Committee and serving on the board of directors for the Blue Mountain Community Foundation; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey played a key role in the renovation of the Columbia County courthouse and together with his former law firm partner, Scott Marinella, donated the Liberty Theater in Dayton to the Touchet Valley Arts Council; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey and his twin brother, Ted Nealey, share the love of basketball and together, won the gold medal in the 2007 National Senior Games basketball championship and the silver medal in the 2010 Pan American basketball games; and
WHEREAS, Representative Terry Nealey has announced his intention to retire from the Legislature at the end of his term in January 2019 so he can spend more time with his wife, Jan;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives recognize Representative Terry Nealey for his years of dedicated service, his personal and professional integrity, and representing the citizens of the 16th District with honor; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to the Honorable Representative Terry Nealey.