HB 1507.E - DIGEST

Requires the county auditor to: (1) Make election reconciliation reports available to the public at the auditor's office;

(2) Publish the reports on the auditor's web site at the time of certification; and

(3) Submit the reports to the secretary of state at the time of certification.

Requires the election reconciliation report to include the number of: (1) Overseas and service ballots issued, received, counted, and rejected by mail, e-mail, web site link, or facsimile, as appropriate;

(2) Nonoverseas and nonservice ballots sent and received by e-mail, web site link, or facsimile, as appropriate; and

(3) Nonoverseas and nonservice ballots that were rejected for failing to send an original or hard copy of the ballot by the deadline or any other reason, including the reason for rejection.

Requires the secretary of state to collect the reports from each county auditor and prepare a statewide reconciliation report for each state primary and general election.