HB 1769 - DIGEST

Implements the recommendations of the joint legislative task force on the use of deadly force in community policing.

Requires the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs to establish grant programs to assist local law enforcement agencies in procuring less lethal weapons for primary responding law enforcement officers and establishing community engagement programs.

Requires Washington law enforcement agencies to report to the office of the attorney general, certain information regarding each incident where: Deadly force is applied; and force is applied if death or great bodily harm results.

Requires the office of the attorney general to compile and publish the data collected and ensure that the reporting is likely to comply with pending federal use of deadly force reporting standards.

Creates the jail accreditation project to incentivize jails to seek and receive accreditation to improve the safety and welfare of correctional officers, inmates, and the public.

Creates the law enforcement accreditation project to incentivize law enforcement agencies to seek and receive accreditation.

Requires the department of commerce to administer the community and law enforcement partnership grant program to build and foster relationships between the community and law enforcement.

Requires the Washington State University division of governmental studies and services to conduct a study on how to increase diversity in law enforcement agencies in this state.

Requires the criminal justice training commission to: (1) Provide enhanced leadership training with the purpose of fostering agency culture that enhances internal legitimacy and, by extension, external legitimacy with the community;

(2) Develop and offer advanced training for commissioned officers;

(3) Expand advanced firearms training; and

(4) Make efforts to provide enhanced crisis intervention training for at least fifty percent of full-time general authority Washington peace officers assigned to patrol duties.

Creates the public safety enhancement account.