HB 2133-S - DIGEST

Requires the department of agriculture to: (1) Establish a pilot program to create an omnibus permitting process for businesses that process or engage in other value-added activities that involve: (a) Raw products of agriculture, fisheries, and aquaculture, including shellfish aquaculture; (b) food, food products, or cottage food products; (c) forest products; and (d) specialized forest products, processed cedar products, or specialty wood; and

(2) Coordinate with the office of regulatory assistance and state agencies and local governments responsible for issuing each permit included in the omnibus permit, including the department of ecology, the department of health, and the relevant county.

Prohibits the department from charging an additional fee for the use of the omnibus permitting process.

Requires the department of ecology to: (1) Undertake a comprehensive analysis of common value-added food and forest product manufacturing processes that generate wastes;

(2) Consult with the department of natural resources and the department of agriculture in identifying common food and forest product production processes and their associated wastes; and

(3) When making grants or loans for water pollution control facilities, consider whether the project will support the viability of local agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, or silviculture, and associated food or forest product processing.

Requires the community economic revitalization board, when prioritizing each proposed public facilities project, to consider whether the project will support rural economic development by facilitating the long-term sustainability of local agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, and silviculture, and associated food and forest product processing activities.