HB 2390-S2 - DIGEST

Increases access to opioid overdose medication at kindergarten through twelfth grade schools and institutions of higher education.

Authorizes a school to obtain and maintain opioid overdose medication through a standing order.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to: (1) In consultation with the department of health, develop opioid-related overdose policy guidelines and training requirements for public schools and school districts; and

(2) Develop and administer a grant program to provide funding to public schools with any of grades kindergarten through twelve and public institutions of higher education to train personnel on the administration of the medication to respond to symptoms of an overdose.

Requires a public institution of higher education with a residence hall housing at least one hundred students to develop a plan for: (1) The maintenance and administration of opioid overdose medication in and around the residence hall; and

(2) The training of designated personnel to administer the medication.