SB 5120-S - DIGEST

Requires lobbyists and lobbyists' employers who are required to file certain reports to file the reports required by the fair campaign practices act electronically over the internet as provided by the public disclosure commission.

Requires the public disclosure commission to design, develop, implement, and maintain computer hardware and software to accommodate electronic filing of the required reports.

Requires state agencies, counties, cities, towns, municipal corporations, quasi-municipal corporations, and special purpose districts, that expend public funds for lobbying, and employees of an agency lobbying on behalf of the agency, to register and report as a lobbyist, and requires the state and local agencies to report as a lobbyist employer.

Requires certain former state officers and state employees to file a postemployment disclosure statement.

Prohibits certain former state officers and state employees from receiving compensation from certain sources within one year after leaving state office or employment.

Requires the ethics boards to: (1) Adopt rules at each of their agencies describing a process for a person to seek a waiver from the postemployment requirements; and

(2) Collaborate to design a uniform postemployment statement that permits online filing.

Requires the legislative ethics board and the commission on judicial conduct to provide a copy of filed postemployment statements to the executive ethics board.