SB 5576-S2 - DIGEST

Addresses apprenticeship utilization requirements on public works.

Requires awarding agencies to: (1) Monitor apprenticeship utilization hours by contractor;

(2) Report the apprenticeship utilization by contractor and subcontractor to the supervisor of apprenticeship at the department of labor and industries by final project acceptance; and

(3) Develop a compliance consequence process similar to the three-strike system developed by the department of transportation, including the allowance for a good faith effort.

Requires the supervisor of apprenticeship to verify compliance by contractors, subcontractors, and awarding agencies of apprenticeship utilization requirements; and allows the supervisor to coordinate with the department of enterprise services, the department of transportation, the office of the superintendent of public instruction, and other agencies or organizations to assist in tracking compliance.

Requires a bidder, before being awarded a public works project, to not have received a third strike from an awarding agency under the compliance process during the one year immediately preceding the date of the bid solicitation.

Allows appropriations to be made from the public works administration account for certain state agency costs for programs required by chapter 39.04 RCW (public works).