SB 5588-S.E - DIGEST

Requires the caseload forecast council to: (1) Before a legislative session, prepare and submit to the legislature a general disproportionality report; and

(2) Establish a procedure for the provision of racial and ethnic impact statements on the effect that legislative bills and resolutions modifying adult felony sentencing will have on racial and ethnic minority groups including the racial and ethnic composition of the criminal justice system.

Authorizes the caseload forecast council to: (1) Work in cooperation with certain entities to assist in the development of racial impact statements; and

(2) Request from certain entities, data, information, and data processing assistance as it may need to accomplish its duties and requires these services to be provided without charge to the council.

Requires the joint legislative audit and review committee, in consultation with the minority and justice commission, the sentencing guidelines commission, and the state institute for public policy, to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of this act and submit a report to the appropriate legislative committees by December 1, 2020.