SB 5735 - DIGEST

Authorizes a registered tow truck operator to transport an abandoned recreational vehicle to a solid waste disposal site without being licensed as a hulk hauler or scrap processor.

Requires the department of licensing, before accepting an application for registration for a recreational vehicle, to require an applicant to pay an abandoned recreational vehicle deconstruction and disposal fee of four dollars.

Authorizes the department of ecology to develop and administer a voluntary recreational vehicle turn-in program to allow the department to dismantle and dispose of recreational vehicles that pose a high risk of becoming an abandoned recreational vehicle, but that do not yet meet the definition of that term.

Authorizes a local government, after taking custody of an abandoned recreational vehicle, to deconstruct and dispose of the abandoned recreational vehicle without further notice to an owner.

Allows certain reconstructed recreational vehicles to be taken to an inert waste landfill.

Creates the abandoned recreational vehicle deconstruction and disposal account.