SB 5777-S.E - DIGEST

Requires a city, that requires a general business license of a person that engages in business activities within that city, to partner with the department of revenue to have the license issued, and renewed if the city requires renewal, through the business licensing service.

Requires the department of revenue to phase in the issuance and renewal of general business licenses of cities that required a general business license as of July 1, 2017, and by December 31, 2022, if specific funding is appropriated by June 30, 2017, in the omnibus appropriations act.

Authorizes a city that imposes a general business license requirement and does not partner with the department of revenue as of January 1, 2018, to continue to issue and renew its general business licenses until the city partners with the department.

Authorizes the department of revenue to delay assuming the duties of issuing and renewing general business licenses beyond the dates provided if certain conditions are met.

Requires cities, working through the association of Washington cities, to form a model ordinance development committee made up of a representative sampling of cities that impose a general business license requirement.

Creates the local business and occupation tax apportionment task force to seek input or collaborate with other parties as it deems necessary.