SB 5903 - DIGEST

Establishes the housing for all act of 2017.

Declares an intent to work in concert with other governments and organizations to provide support and funds to increase services to the state's homeless.

Increases the local homeless housing and assistance surcharge from ten dollars to ninety dollars.

Requires a family who is receiving temporary assistance for needy families and qualifies for certain other services to receive priority for: (1) Funding provided from the home security fund account and the affordable for all account; and

(2) Receiving assistance through the transitional housing operating and rent program.

Requires the state board for community and technical colleges to establish a pilot program to encourage college districts to plan for the unique needs and challenges of students experiencing homelessness.

Authorizes a county legislative authority to impose a sales and use tax.

Requires a certain portion of money collected from the tax to be used for the purpose of: (1) Providing for the operation or delivery of chemical dependency or mental health treatment programs and services and the operation or delivery of therapeutic court programs and services for individuals experiencing homelessness;

(2) Supplanting existing funding for the purposes in (1) above; and

(3) Supporting the cost of a judicial officer and support staff of a therapeutic court.

Requires behavioral health organizations to develop innovative strategies to serve the homeless including: (1) Treatment on demand;

(2) Engaging in outreach programs to encourage homeless people to receive services; and

(3) Developing a process to link a homeless person with housing.