SB 5914 - DIGEST

Authorizes a public employer, that collects and remits dues and other amounts on behalf of a labor organization, to retain up to five percent of the amount collected to offset the cost of administration.

Applies to employers under: (1) Chapter 47.64 RCW (marine employees);

(2) Chapter 28B.52 RCW (academic personnel in community colleges);

(3) Chapter 41.59 RCW (the educational employment relations act);

(4) Chapter 41.80 RCW (the personnel system reform act);

(5) Chapter 49.39 RCW (symphony musicians); and

(6) Chapter 41.76 RCW (public four-year institutions of higher education).

Requires the office of financial management to establish the amount retained by state agencies.

Requires the amount retained by state agencies to be deposited in the personnel service fund and used for costs of the public employment relations commission.