SB 5915-S - DIGEST

Transfers certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of enterprise services to the office of financial management.

Requires the office of financial management to evaluate: (1) Opportunities for colocating and consolidating state facilities in the same geographic area; and

(2) The impact colocation would have on the cost and delivery of agency programs, including whether program delivery would be enhanced due to the centralization of services.

Requires agencies to report space use data for office facilities.

Requires current and prospective employees of and contractors with the state who are or may be authorized to access federal tax information to have a criminal history record check through the Washington state patrol criminal identification system and the federal bureau of investigation.

Requires the office of financial management to develop a state agency contract oversight and management program to: (1) Conduct, assist, or oversee large, complex, or legislatively directed procurements; and

(2) Conduct compliance reviews, including reviewing performance and fiscal compliance, of state agency contract management activities.

Creates the information technology investment account.

Provides funds in the account solely for information technology projects as provided in the omnibus appropriations act.