SB 6020 - DIGEST

Finds that protecting the habitat of the marbled murrelet is beneficial to the state and our environment, however, the protection will have impacts, specifically on timber jobs in our rural communities and lost trust revenues to our schools, counties, and junior taxing districts through reduced timber harvests.

Requires the department of natural resources to provide a report to the legislature that includes: (1) An economic analysis of certain net losses or gains of revenues; and

(2) Recommendations for consideration by the legislature: (a) To offset the potential loss of revenues to the beneficiaries and the identified loss of jobs in rural communities; (b) for policies that may be adopted before the dates that the losses are projected to occur; (c) for additional marbled murrelet conservation measures; and (d) for modifications, if any, on the definition of arrearage.

Requires the commissioner of public lands to appoint a marbled murrelet advisory committee to assist the department in developing and providing the report.