SB 6150-S2 - DIGEST

Declares that opioid use disorder is a public health crisis.

Requires state agencies to: (1) Increase access to evidence-based opioid use disorder treatment services;

(2) Promote coordination of services within the substance use disorder treatment and recovery support system;

(3) Strengthen partnerships between opioid use disorder treatment providers and their allied community partners;

(4) Expand the use of the state prescription monitoring program; and

(5) Support comprehensive school and community-based substance use prevention services.

Requires agencies that administer state-purchased health care programs to: (1) Coordinate activities to implement this act and the state interagency opioid working plan;

(2) Explore opportunities to address the opioid epidemic; and

(3) Provide status updates as directed by the joint legislative executive committee on health care oversight to promote legislative and executive coordination.

Requires the department of health to convene a work group to study best practices regarding data sharing, including security standards, and the challenges with connectivity and prescription monitoring program integration with electronic health records using the state health information exchange.

Changes the name of the community mental health services act to the community behavioral health services act.

Provides contingent effective dates.