SB 6437-S - DIGEST

Authorizes a registered tow truck operator to transport an abandoned recreational vehicle without being licensed as a hulk hauler.

Requires the department of licensing, before accepting an application for a registration for a recreational vehicle, to collect a six-dollar abandoned recreational disposal fee from the applicant in addition to other fees and taxes.

Allows registered tow truck operators, vehicle wreckers, scrap processors, and scrap metal businesses to apply to the department of licensing for cost reimbursement for the towing, transport, storage, dismantling, and disposal of abandoned recreational vehicles from public property.

Authorizes a solid waste disposal site that is compliant with all applicable regulations to wreck a nonmotorized abandoned recreational vehicle.

Creates the abandoned recreational vehicle disposal account and requires money from the disposal fee to be deposited in the account.

Requires expenditures from the account to be used only by the department of licensing to reimburse registered tow truck operators and licensed dismantlers for up to one hundred percent of the total reasonable and auditable administrative costs for transport, dismantling, and disposal of abandoned recreational vehicles when the last registered owner is unknown after a reasonable search effort.

Requires funds in the account, resulting from transfers from the general fund, to be used to reimburse one hundred percent of eligible costs up to a limit of ten thousand dollars per vehicle.