1110-S2 AMH SHEA H2188.1
2SHB 1110 - H AMD 380
By Representative Shea
ADOPTED 03/12/2019
On page 2, line 12, after "(3)" insert "The legislature finds that the people already pay the costs of multiple taxes and regulatory mandates on each molecule of fossil fuels used for transportation, including:
(a) The state oil spill response tax;
(b) The state oil spill administration tax;
(c) The state hazardous substance tax used to fund the state toxics control account, the local toxics control account, and the environmental legacy and stewardship account;
(d) The combined state and federal motor vehicle 67.8 cent taxes to fund transportation projects;
(e) The federal leaking underground storage tank tax and the state petroleum products tax for underground storage tanks;
(f) Applicable state and local sales taxes; and
(g) The federal renewable fuel standard.
EFFECT: Adds legislative findings to the intent section regarding existing taxes and regulatory mandates on fossil fuel used for transportation.
--- END ---