1110-S2 AMH SHEA H2192.1
2SHB 1110 - H AMD 381
By Representative Shea
WITHDRAWN 03/12/2019
On page 7, line 5, after (2) insert "(a) The rules adopted by the department must also include exemptions for, or attribution of zero associated life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions to, the following:
(i) Transportation fuels brought into this state by means of the primary fuel supply tank of a motor vehicle, vessel, locomotive, or aircraft, actively supplying fuel for combustion upon entry into the state, and any electricity generated by such fossil fuels;
(ii) Transportation fuels that the state is prohibited from regulating under the state Constitution or the Constitution or laws of the United States;
(iii) Electricity used as a transportation fuel that qualifies as coal transition power as defined in RCW 80.80.010;
(iv) Diesel fuel and biodiesel fuel, as those terms are defined in RCW 82.08.865, when these fuels are used solely for agricultural purposes by a farm fuel user; and
(v) Transportation fuels used by any business described in RCW 82.04.260(12).
On page 7, line 6, after "described in" strike "subsection (1)" and insert "subsections (1) and (2)(a)"
Reletter the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Requires the department of ecology's rules to exempt from clean fuel program requirements or to attribute zero life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions to the following: (1) Certain fuels brought in via a supply tank; (2) fuels that are prohibited from regulation under the state or federal Constitution or federal laws; (3) electricity used as transportation fuel that was originated with certain coal-fired electric generation facilities; (4) certain transportation fuels used for agricultural purposes; and (5) transportation fuels used by certain persons associated with the extraction, manufacture, processing, or sale of timber.
--- END ---