1428-S AMH SHEW H1557.1
SHB 1428 - H AMD 5
By Representative Shewmake
ADOPTED 02/14/2019
On page 7, line 11, after "less than" strike "semiannually" and insert "((semiannually)) annually"
On page 7, line 17, after "customers." insert "For the purposes of this subsection, an electric product does not include conservation programs, equipment or materials, or equipment or materials related to transportation electrification."
On page 8, line 30, after "format" strike "specified by the department"
On page 9, line 15, after "exceeds" strike "zero" and insert "two percent"
Beginning on page 9, after line 33, strike all material through "(7)" on page 10, line 3 and insert "))"
On page 10, line 12, after "(a)" strike "Load, including losses," and insert "Electricity"
EFFECT: Provides that, for the purposes of an electricity product content label, "electricity product" does not include equipment or materials related to conservation programs or transportation electrification. Requires an electric utility to provide electricity product content labels annually, rather than semiannually. Requires an electric utility to include on an electricity product content label a general description of unspecified sources if the percentage amount of unspecified sources exceeds two percent, rather than zero percent. Removes specific disclosure format requirements under current law.
--- END ---