1578-S AMH SHEA H2337.1
SHB 1578 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2314.3/19) 254
By Representative Shea
ADOPTED 03/07/2019
On page 4, line 40, after "topics;" strike "and"
On page 5, line 2, after "section" insert "; and
(e) For any formally proposed draft rules or adopted rules, identified estimates of expected costs and benefits of the rule to:
(i) State government agencies to administer and enforce the rule; and
(ii) Private persons or businesses, by category of type of person or business affected"
EFFECT: Requires the Board of Pilotage Commissioners to consider estimates of the expected costs and benefits of draft or adopted tug escort rules to private persons or businesses, by category, and to state agencies to administer the rule.
--- END ---