1783-S2 AMH SMIN SKIN 010


2SHB 1783 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-3962.1/20) 1010

By Representative Smith

ADOPTED 01/20/2020

On page 4, line 37 of the striking amendment, after "outcomes;" strike "and"

On page 4, line 40 of the striking amendment, after "employment" insert the following:

"; and

(iii) Coordinate with the office of privacy and data protection to address cybersecurity and data protection for all data collected by the office. When collecting data pursuant to this subsection, the office may not request any personally identifiable information from respondents other than race and ethnicity information identified in (i)(A) of this subsection, in order to protect the data of vulnerable populations"

EFFECT: Requires the Office of Equity (Office) to coordinate with the Office of Privacy and Data Protection regarding data collected by the Office. Prohibits the Office from requesting personally identifiable information other than specified information related to race and ethnicity.   

--- END ---