2265-S AMH DEBO H4938.1
SHB 2265 (Corrected Copy) - H AMD TO H AMD (H-4929.1/20) 1293
By Representative DeBolt
NOT ADOPTED 02/16/2020
On page 1, line 10, after "(2)" strike "(a)"
On page 1, at the beginning of line 15, strike "(b)"
On page 1, beginning on line 18, after "then" strike all material through "regulations" on line 32, and insert "the department may adopt rules that restrict PFAS chemicals for the manufacture, sale, and distribution of firefighting foam for uses that are addressed by the federal regulation, except that the department may not restrict the use of PFAS foam by certificated airports operating under federal aviation administration regulation in a county with a population of less than two hundred thousand, as determined by the office of financial management"
EFFECT: Eliminates the restrictions on the use of PFAS firefighting foam at airports certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Prohibits the Department of Ecology from restricting the use of PFAS foam by airports certificated under Federal Aviation Administration regulations that operate in a county with a population of less than two hundred thousand.
--- END ---