2453-S AMH CORR CLYN 367


SHB 2453 - H AMD 1323

By Representative Corry

On page 8, beginning on line 10, after "residence" strike all material through "termination" on line 19

EFFECT:   Amends the cause provision which permits a landlord to evict, refuse to renew, or terminate when the owner or his or her immediate family seek possession in order to occupy the unit as a principal residence to eliminate the conditions that: no substantially equivalent unit is vacant and available; and, that advance written notice of at least 90 days be provided. Also strikes the language regarding a rebuttable presumption that the owner did not act in good faith if the owner/family fail to occupy the unit as a principal residence for at least 60 consecutive days during the first 90 days after the tenant vacates.

--- END ---