2453-S AMH CORR CLYN 419


SHB 2453 - H AMD 1386

By Representative Corry

On page 5, beginning on line 19, after "utilities" strike all material through "include" on line 20 and insert ", as well as"

On page 16, after line 26, insert the following:

"NEW SECTION. Sec. 7. RCW 59.18.283 (Moneys paid by tenantLandlord must apply toward rentTenant's right to possessionInstallment payment plans) and 2019 c 356 s 6 are each repealed."

Correct the title.

EFFECT: Changes the definition of "rent" to include rather than exclude nonrecurring charges for costs incurred due to late payment, damages, deposits, legal costs, or other fees, including attorneys' fees. Repeals section which specifies that landlord must first apply any payments to rent before applying to nonrecurring charges such as late payments, legal costs, etc. 

--- END ---