2453-S AMH DUFA CLYN 366


SHB 2453 - H AMD 1321

By Representative Dufault

On page 7, line 22, after "(a)" insert "(i)"

On page 7, after line 28, insert the following:

"(ii) If the written notice remains uncomplied with for the period set forth in RCW 59.12.030(3), a landlord may, in lieu of filing an unlawful detainer action for failure to pay rent, instead terminate the tenancy by written notice of twenty days or more;"

On page 10, line 27, after "(2)" insert "(a)(ii),"

EFFECT:  Permits a landlord to utilize a 20-day notice to terminate a tenancy rather than file an unlawful detainer action in the event that the tenant fails to comply with a 14-day notice to pay or vacate. Prohibits a landlord from using this alternative mechanism if to do so would result in the termination of a fixed term tenancy before the completion of the term, unless the landlord and tenant mutually consent to early termination and the tenant is afforded at least 60 days to vacate.


--- END ---