2453-S AMH SHMK CLYN 381


SHB 2453 - H AMD 1343

By Representative Schmick

On page 8, line 7, after "(d)" insert "(i)"

On page 8, after line 19, insert the following:

"(ii) For purposes of this subsection (d), "immediate family" includes extended relatives, kinship care providers, individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, active-duty military, veterans, refugees, families experiencing reunification in the child welfare system, victims of domestic violence, and department of corrections offenders reentering the community, in addition to state registered domestic partner, spouse, parents, grandparents, children, including foster children, siblings, and in-laws."

EFFECT:   Amends the cause provision relating to situations in which the owner or his or her immediate family seek to terminate the tenancy in order to occupy the unit as their personal residence by expanding the definition of "immediate family" to include a variety of different persons including extended relatives, individuals who are homeless, and victims of domestic violence.

--- END ---