2453-S AMH YOUN CLYN 390


SHB 2453 - H AMD 1335

By Representative Young

On page 8, line 1, after "(c)" insert "(i)"

On page 8, line 6, after "tenant" insert ".

(ii) For purposes of this subsection, "waste or nuisance" includes:

(A) Failing to maintain the exterior of the property or landscaping to the extent that it is the tenant's obligation to maintain;

(B) Failing to report a water leak or water intrusion within three days of discovery;

(C) Causing a fire on the property;

(D) Smoking in or on the property if prohibited by the lease or by property rules;

(E) Bringing an unauthorized pet onto the property;

(F) Causing damage to the property through an act of violence; and

(G) Creating an unsanitary condition that leads to pest infestation on the property"

EFFECT:   Defines "waste or nuisance", for purposes of the cause based on waste or nuisance, to include a variety of specified actions/inactions, such as failing to maintain the exterior of the property when that is the tenant's responsibility, causing a fire on the property, and bringing an unauthorized pet onto the property.

--- END ---