2676-S AMH KLOB HAJE 297


SHB 2676 - H AMD 1470

By Representative Kloba

WITHDRAWN 02/19/2020

On page 2, line 21, after "vehicle" insert "on any public roadway"

On page 2, line 22, after "of" strike ":

(i) Any" and insert "any"

On page 2, beginning on line 24, after "vehicle" strike all material through "incident" on line 27 and insert "on any public roadway in a calendar year on an annual basis by February 1 of the following calendar year"

EFFECT:   Modifies the requirement that a program participant in the Department of Licensing's (DOL's) autonomous vehicle pilot program must notify the DOL of any traffic incidents, traffic infractions, and autonomous driving system disengagements to avoid a possible traffic incident by making the notice requirement applicable only in the case of public roadway usage, by reducing the frequency of reporting of traffic incidents and infractions from within 10 days of occurrence to once annually, and by eliminating any notice requirement for system disengagements.

--- END ---