1575-S AMS OBAN S3371.1
SHB 1575 - S AMD TO LBRC COMM AMD (S-3309.1/19) 548
By Senator O'Ban
NOT ADOPTED 04/11/2019
On page 1, line 11, after "employers" strike "and employee organizations"
On page 1, line 13, after "deducting" strike "and accepting"
On page 1, line 19, after "employers" strike "and an employee organization"
On page 1, line 22, after "requiring" strike ", deducting, receiving, or retaining" and insert "or deducting"
On page 2, line 2, after "employers" strike "and employee organizations"
EFFECT: Removes employee organizations from the provision granting immunity for fees deducted before the Janus decision.
--- END ---