1575-S AMS SHOR S3360.1
SHB 1575 - S AMD TO LBRC COMM AMD (S-3309.1/19) 554
By Senator Short
NOT ADOPTED 04/11/2019
On page 11, beginning on line 10, after "the" strike all material through "representative." on line 34 and insert "state.
(3) This subsection (3) applies only to individual providers who contract with the department of social and health services. If the governor and the exclusive bargaining representative of a bargaining unit of individual providers enter into a collective bargaining agreement that meets the requirements in subsection (1)(b)(i) or (ii) of this section, and the state as payor, but not as the employer, contracts with a third-party entity to perform its obligations as set forth in those subsections, and that third-party contracts with the exclusive bargaining representative to perform voluntary deductions for individual providers, the exclusive bargaining representative may direct the third-party to make the deductions required by the collective bargaining agreement, at the expense of the exclusive bargaining representative, so long as such deductions by the exclusive bargaining representative do not conflict with any federal or state law.))"
EFFECT: Removes authorization for an exclusive bargaining representative of individual providers to designate a third-party entity to, with the individual provider's authorization, act as the individual provider's agent in receiving payments from the state for the purposes of deducting and remitting union dues.
--- END ---